massage chair for runners

Understanding Types Massage Chairs For Runners

Massage chairs are designed to simulate the feel of a massage therapist. Through the use of these products, users can help to alleviate stress and relieve back pain. There are six main types of massage chairs that can be found on the market today and each type brings unique benefits to its users:

1. Zero Gravity Models

The first of the six types of chairs, the zero gravity type, actually uses a position initiated by NASA to lessen spinal stress on astronauts during take-off. The zero gravity, or neutral body position, works to spread gravity across the body, taking the natural gravity pressures away from the spine.

This type of chair works by positioning the user at about a 130 degree angle and helps to release pressure in the neck and back allowing for a deeper massage. Another benefit of the zero gravity design is the increase in lung function which is caused by decreased pressure on the user’s diaphragm.

Increased circulation is also an added benefit of the zero gravity design. Blood is pumped through the body at a more efficient horizontal position as opposed to the normal vertical position the heart is accustomed to. Zero gravity massage chairs are best suited for home use.

2. The Shiatsu Model

Shiatsu massage chairs are best known for their amazing muscle relaxation and stress reduction. Translated in Japanese to “finger pressure,” massage chairs that utilize a shiatsu massage use a range of recurrent pressures throughout unique points on the body.

Many users state that the technique used can deliver the same benefits as acupuncture without the use of needles. This type of chair is also beneficial in helping to jump-start weak immune systems while stimulating blood flow. Shiatsu chairs have been known to assist in lessening sinus headaches, insomnia, and constipation.

This is a wonderful option for an at home massage chair to use on a regular basis. Shiatsu massage chairs can be beneficial in both the home and office and can even replace a user’s normal office chair.

3. Full Body Massage

The third type of massage chair is the full body massage. This type of chair is the most recommended type of chair for increasing energy levels by rolling and stretching tired muscles and increased blood flow throughout the body. The increased blood-flow throughout the user’s body can help to remove toxins from not only the bloodstream, but from organs as well.

The full body chair features calf muscle massage capabilities as well and is great for athletes and people who work on their feet each day. As the full body design is on the larger size, it is most recommended for in home use.

4. Human Touch Models

Human touch, the next type of chair, integrates technology to expertly reproduce the techniques used by massage therapists. This chair blends massage with ergonomics to create a relaxing effect which can be used daily. Many users will sit in the chair prior to going to bed to help unwind after a long day while gaining the benefit of a deeper night’s sleep.

Human touch models are recommended for active seniors as they give the same benefits as many other types, but in a gentler manor. With sleek looks that are often mistaken for an upscale recliner, the human touch product is a great addition to any home.

5. Office Chairs That Massage

Massaging office chairs are perfectly described by their name and are frequently used in place of a traditional ergonomic chair. Used in either a corporate setting or a home office, this type of chair can help to significantly reduce stress while minimizing the risk of work related stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Massaging office chairs have been known to help employees increase productivity, relieve fatigue, and even lessen the amount of absent days from work. Generally made from leather-like upholstery, many of these products have varying speeds and pressure allowing for a truly customized massage experience. Additionally, some models come with the option of a rechargeable battery allowing the item to be transported between rooms or offices.

6. Heated Versions

The last of the six types is the heated massage recliner. Most suitable for home use, these recliners can serve as a functional piece of furniture when not being used to alleviate muscle pain and tension. The heated function is an added benefit, not only for cold winter evenings, but for everyday use of relieving muscle pain.

The combination of heat and massage offered by this type of chair can also help produce feel-good chemicals in the brain, such as endorphins, helping to decrease anxiety and depression.

Choosing a massage chair can be a great investment. It can save you time running to and from massage appointments. It saves money while providing many of the same benefits as traditional massage therapy. While each of the six types of massage chairs can feature unique benefits, any of the above mentioned massage chairs can be an welcomed addition to an office or home.